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This brand is inspired by my friends and the lifestyle that we embody. All unique in our own way, we have different goals, aspirations and characteristics that set us apart. However, we all love bikinis and the lifestyle that comes along with it! This brand was based around this "bikini-wearing" lifestyle. A lifestyle that's filled with adventure, nature, self-love and friendship. A lifestyle with living life to the fullest.

As a brand our goal is to encourage this bikini-wearing lifestyle with a bikini-wearing mentality. With swimwear comes vulnerability. At the Bikini Movement, we combat this vulnerability with confidence. This is what defines the bikini-wearing mentality: for everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. We encourage and celebrate individuality. We believe that our uniqueness is our power. Our hope is to inspire others to embrace their individuality to live life to their fullest potential. In or out of a bikini, we want more people to have a bikini-wearing mentality.